At 41 I was told donor eggs was my only viable option

At 41 Kylie was told IVF and donor eggs was her only viable option. After surgical removal of endometriosis an an ovarian cyst she fell pregnant naturally at 42 with an AMH less than 1.

I spent many years living overseas and spent about 5 years as a single girl before meeting my partner at 39 1/2 years old.

I grew up in a big family and, for various reasons, I was unsure whether having kids was something I wanted, and my partner hadn’t considered them as part of his life direction.  However, after some discussion we (aka I) decided that the inevitable clock was ticking and that if it was something we were to pursue it was now.

We had not actively tried to fall pregnant, but had not avoided it either.  Because of this, at 41, I thought it was time to get some active feedback.

We went to the family GP, who ordered some tests and who referred me to a fertility / IVF specialist.  The tests showed that I had endometriosis with an ovarian cyst and my AMH result returned at less than 1, with an FSH of 11.

The fertility specialist suggested that the only viable option for pregnancy at my age was an egg donor, that I would need to try to find someone to donate an egg and that each round of IVF was going to cost me $15K.

Ironically, I was pretty upset; to decide not to do something is one thing, to know that the door has probably closed without your active involvement is another entirely.

However, after talking to family and friends with several volunteering their help, my partner and I decided that if this was the only option and it wasn’t going to happen naturally for us, then we would make peace with that and get on with our lives.

I have always been open minded to alternative approaches to life, including self awareness, self help and alternative therapies.

The information provided by the fertility specialist just didn’t feel right for me, and so I started researching alternatives of my own.  

I had already seen someone for a reading and reiki, which confirmed this for me and helped me to make peace with some of my own emotional blocks.

I found a couple of natural alternatives which had some merit, however I wanted something that was more tangible than this.  

I searched further online with my specific age and test results, and found a testimony which matched my own experience on Elizabeth’s website.  So I got in touch.

I followed up for an appointment to meet with Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth is great – easy to talk to, puts you at ease from the get-go – we weren’t able to attend the office so all of our appointments were completed over the phone.

There was a lot of detail to cover along with tests to be done, but Elizabeth knows her stuff and knows what she is looking for.

I was also able to follow up with her support staff if I missed something or needed to clarify, as well as email Elizabeth directly if I needed to.

Elizabeth recommended that I have surgery to remove the endometriosis, as that would be a big progress step for pregnancy.

I had this completed in September last year, with a 3 month hiatus from relations with my partner to allow my body to heal and recover. 

I had continued with Elizabeth’s recommendations during this time, as well as working on my own self-healing process.  In January this year I fell pregnant.

For me, finding and working with Elizabeth through this process was exactly what I needed.

At 42, I am now 28 weeks pregnant. To date, I have had little of the typical pregnancy symptoms (other than showing the pregnancy) and have now been taken out of the ‘high risk’ care group for the birth.

It may be that my partner and I have good base genetics to help, but I also credit following Elizabeth’s treatment advice and guidelines throughout this process and feel that this result just reconfirms her experience and expertise.

Elizabeth and the Life on the Inside team thank Kylie for writing and sharing her story with our community here.


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