Life begins at 40: Don’t let age and AMH put you off when looking to grow your family 

The gorgeous Sasha had a natural pregnancy quite easily the first time around, so figured it would be smooth sailing for beautiful baby number two. The effects of endometriosis are clearly seen in her case which had gotten worse between babies. A few mis-directions and looking at the wrong causes by an IVF specialist resulted in a stressful situation, all of which we needed to address to get things working optimally.

I first met the amazing Elizabeth towards the end of 2013. Within three months she had me pregnant with my first little munchkin.

My husband and I wanted to give Paddy a sibling and thought it should be quite easy the second time around, especially with Elizabeth’s herbs and support. I was very wrong. Paddy had started Daycare and was ill quite a lot with new bugs and viruses. I thought my immune system was suppose to be established, but no! I was constantly ill all the time. This went on for months and months.

Elizabeth helped get my system working again but we still were not falling pregnant. Elizabeth informed me that she was pretty certain I had endometriosis as my body usually responds very quickly to the herbs.

Life begins at 40 - Life on the Inside

At this stage I was getting very anxious and feeling really desperate, so we decided to investigate the IVF option. We had all the tests and we discovered my AMH was extremely low for my age.

This stressed me out and the Doctors told me that the only option we had was to pump me with FSH injections and hope to get eggs, but my chances are very low and I should consider donor eggs. I felt devastated and the doctors were not very sympathetic, I was not impressed with their attitude. I felt like I was just another number.

I discussed all this with Elizabeth and she basically said it was rubbish and I could still have more children with my levels and my own eggs! I decided to get the endometriosis checked out and after surgery, the doctors informed me that I had Stage 3 endometriosis. Elizabeth was right – the only symptom I had was not falling pregnant quickly.

Elizabeth assisted my recovery with herbs and kept encouraging me that once my body heals from the surgery, we will get pregnant.

Six months after my surgery, I had a feeling that I could be pregnant, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up, as I had a very emotional year trying to conceive. I saw Elizabeth, she looked at my chart and told me to test a few days after my periods were due but she was pretty sure I was. We did the test and yes, it was positive!

November 2017 I gave birth to my second little angel, James.

I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for her amazing knowledge, support & positivity


Often endometriosis develops as a woman gets older, and many women can still fall pregnant with it, or with a low AMH. It is important to do your homework thoroughly and see a practitioner that is very aware of how to deal with such a situation. I work closely with some of the best Drs in this area and together pregnancy is much more a reality.

Sasha’s experience is the perfect example of how endometriosis can affect pregnancy (regardless of her age or AMH levels) and how a solution can be found to provide your family with the joy of having a child.


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