Infections: An overlooked factor in infertility with Elizabeth Mucci

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With 1 in 6 couples now struggling to conceive naturally, infertility is a massive and growing area within health care. The reasons why couples are becoming infertile are often multifactorial and in some cases, mystifying. Naturopath Elizabeth Mucci is at the coal-face of this every day and what she's finding is that there's an alarming trend being overlooked; and that is, underlying infections.

These infections are many, and varied, but in all cases, unresolved and by identifying them and supporting the body through healing, she is able to resolve infertility in many of her patients. Today she shares her experience in this crucial area of integrative medicine.

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[00:42] Welcoming back Elizabeth Mucci
[01:49] What role do infections play in infertility?
[03:55] Endometritis vs. Endometriosis
[07:29] Cytomegalovirus
[10:09] Where to begin with therapy?
[12:16] The role of inflammation
[18:27] Endometriosis and autoimmunity connections
[19:52] Endometriosis: the inflammatory picture
[26:49] Bacterial vaginosis
[30:35] Topical treatment reccomendations
[32:34] The rise in STD incidence
[34:50] STD intervention options
[40:56] What else do we need to screen for?
[42:26] Rectification of gut health
[46:16] Group B strep
[49:50] Medical push-back in screening requests
[55:53] Thanks to Elizabeth 


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