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Elizabeth Mucci returns on the FX medicine podcast with Andrew Wakefield-Cook to talk about menopause.

Menopause heralds the conclusion of a women’s reproductive years. For some, this is a welcomed change, for others it’s a cruel harbinger of change that brings with it a new phase of aggravating health complaints. Ranging from hot flushes, to anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression, heart palpitations, anger and mood swings as well as a number of other physical changes, many women menopause is an unwelcomed affliction. But it doesn’t have to be that way, natural medicine has a lot to offer these women to help rebalance and guide them through much more smooth transitional period.

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[00:51] Welcoming back Elizabeth Mucci
[01:43] Defining menopause
[03:56] The clues from family history
[05:13] What is the physiology of menopause?
[11:49] A modern stressors to blame?
[14:44] Exercise and muscle mass is a crucial element
[16:49] Advice for boosting Vitamin D
[18:41] What guides supplementation intervention?
[20:42] Phytoestrogens
[22:22] The direct impact of alcohol consumption
[25:50] Managing the fears associated with menopause
[29:30] Bio-identical progesterone
[31:54] What about hysterectomy?
[35:06] Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine
[40:41] Irregular bleeding - what to be looking for
[42:17] Dialoguing with GP's and knowing when to refer on
[43:28] Incorporating acupuncture
[45:56] Final thanks to Elizabeth


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