We were told Artificial Insemination was our ONLY option

Elizabeth gave us hope that we could conceive naturally - 8 weeks after we started seeing Elizabeth, we fell pregnant with our first baby!

Since I was 8 years old, my dream was to be a mother. Nothing else excited me more than to bring children into this world and start a family.

At age 27, I married my soul mate and we tried for a baby in the first few months of marriage.

After trying to conceive for 1.5 years, we each were thoroughly examined and tested and an IVF specialist advised that the chances of us falling pregnant were slim, we might possibly achieve one pregnancy in 22 years.

My husband had poor sperm morphology which meant that the doctors recommended artificial insemination would be the ONLY way we could conceive.

I walked out of the Doctor’s office thinking, “How can I put my body through such an intense program, given my pre existing illness (Crohns Disease) and previous operations?”

My husband had another view: How could we put my health in the hands of a Used Car Salesman? Yes, a Used Car Salesman!

My husband felt that the statistics the Doctor calculated and the speech he gave about infertility were similar to selling a car, except he was selling the idea of having a baby.

Yes, the idea so unlike the purchase of a car where you will receive an end product, there was no guarantee of falling pregnant? So we never stepped foot in an IVF clinic again.

My sister had heard of Elizabeth through her work colleague, who had fallen pregnant on Elizabeth’s program. At this stage, I didn’t have any other options and although naturopathy didn’t sound very convincing, I needed to believe in her!

My husband and I didn’t expect much from our first meeting with Elizabeth. However, her positive vibe, her inspiring real life stories and her confidence that we will have children of our own was extremely overwhelming!

We now had hope that we could conceive naturally. No needles, no doctor’s offices and most of all, no Used Car Salesmen!

A short eight weeks later, after both my husband and I taking the herbs, we fell pregnant with our first baby! A beautiful and healthy baby girl! It was amazing!

We were blessed to have one beautiful child but we thought if we were going to try and have a second, we better act sooner rather than later because it took us so long the first time.

So when our first born was 13 months, we started Elizabeth’s program and eight weeks later, we were pregnant, this time with a boy! A few years later, we visited Elizabeth and straight away we fell pregnant to another boy!

We are now a family of 5 which at one stage, we never thought would be possible! We are so grateful to have Elizabeth’s support through her wonderful program.

Elizabeth was amazing! Not only did she provide us with so much care and support, she understood what we had gone through. S

he could relate to our stresses and gave us hope! Her service was not just about helping us conceive but it extended to keeping me healthy during my pregnancy which was so crucial given my health history.

Once our babies were born, she would assist me to breastfeed as it was never an easy task for me.

When my milk supply was low due to fatigue or illness, her herbs would help me increase my supply. So without her, we wouldn’t have conceived 3 healthy children naturally and I most probably would have given up breastfeeding.

We are so thankful for everything she has done for us and we have sent many, many of our family, friends and acquaintances to her as we highly recommend everything she has to offer.

Including my mum who is being assisted by Elizabeth for menopause – another great story for another time!

The World Health Organisation recommends five tries for conception in healthy, fertile couples but through Elizabeth’s program this wonderful couple were able to achieve conception three times in a row, first time each time.

At Life On The Inside careful attention is placed on the fine tuning of hormones and health of the systems that are crucial for fertility and having a healthy baby.

Approximately 80% conception is often achieved very quickly.

If you’re having trouble conceiving, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.


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