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Infections and Fertility with Elizabeth Mucci

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In this episode Tasha Jennings speaks with Elizabeth Mucci about the impact of infections on fertility. They discuss the role of infections in unexplained infertility, the immune system, natural killer cells as well as investigations, tests and treatment strategies.

Optimising For Fertility – My Wellness Pie

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Elizabeth Mucci speaks with the gorgeous Monika from My Wellness Pie about fertility health and how we can put our bodies in the best possible place to achieve conception.

New and expectant mothers feeling anxious amid Covid-19 pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to present a range of challenges for people who require ongoing medical treatment. For many expectant and new mothers, it's added to anxiety they may have already been feeling. It's also meant isolation for some, at a time when they are most in need of support. Elizabeth Mucci is a Reproductive Health Expert and CEO of "Life On the Inside" and has spoken to ABC NewsRadio's Ali Crew.

Infections: An overlooked factor in infertility with Elizabeth Mucci

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Elizabeth Mucci is at the coal-face of infertility every day and what she's finding is that there's an alarming trend being overlooked; and that is, underlying infections.

Elizabeth Mucci - Fertility: Life on the Inside

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Elizabeth Mucci naturopath, herbalist and scientist from Life on the Inside, joins me to chat about fertility and infertility (both male and female), preconception health and IVF. Elizabeth provides some really clear suggestions for tests and simple life changes. A must listen for anyone that is thinking about or has had children.

Fine Tuning Fertility with Elizabeth Mucci - FX Medicine Podcast

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On a cellular level, what drives infertility? This is what Elizabeth Mucci is an expert at investigating and resolving in her patients.

Supporting The Transition Into Menopause – Fx Medicine Podcast

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Today Elizabeth Mucci joins Andrew Wakefield-Cook from FX Medicine to talk through the delicate, and often disrupted, pathways leading to the negative experiences of menopause.


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